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AI-powered IoT network for advisories to minimise grower risks and increase crop quality & productivity.

Redefining J&K's horticulture ecosystem

Building technologies for the next Agri-revolution

Weather Alerts & Forecasting

Get orchard level crop specific realtime actionable weather alerts & forecasts to minimise risks.

Micro & Macro Soil Health Tests

Soil tests for moisture, pH, micro & macro nutrients and get advisories for a healthy soil profile.

Diseases & Pest Prediction

AI-powered disease & pest models for early detection & prediction of disease & pests.

Fertigation Advisories

Get fertigation advisories based on soil health and crop cycle requirement.

Irrigation Alerts

Manage irrigation based on realtime weather & soil data & reduce water usage.

Pesticide Advisory

Get spray alerts based on weather & soil data, disease predictions & crop requirements.

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What we do with orchards

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Crop Varieties

Weather Advisories
in realtime via IoT & AWS

We provide orchard level realtime weather alerts & advisories for growers to minimise their losses.

The realtime orchard level data is collected via our Automatic Weather Stations & IoT devices deployed across the region.

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Soil Report Card
Free Soil Testing

IoT based free soil testing for macro & micro nutrients and nutrition advisories.

Parameters tested include Moisture & Temperature, pH, Organic Carbon, NPK, Electrical Conductivity & other nutrients like Zinc, Iron, Copper etc.

Disease & Pest
Prediction & Alerts

Get alerts for diseases & pests based on verified disease models, realtime environmental data & data from neighbourhood orchards.

Our AI-powered prediction algorithms predict the disease outbreak like Scab, Alternaria etc well in advance for growers to minimise risks & increase crop quality.

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AI-powered IoT startup redefining J&K’s horticulture ecosystem by building technologies for nextgen orchards.

What we do

  • Weather Alerts & Forecasting
  • Disease & Pest Prediction
  • Fertigation Advisories
  • Foliar Plans
  • Spray Advisories
  • Soil Health Tests

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