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Importance Of Weather In Apple Scab Monitoring &am...

Apple scab, caused by the fungus Venturia inaequalis, is globally the most devastating disease affecting apples when measured by economic loss, the amount of fungicides needed to control scab and effort spent by growers to monitor infestations and to time

Horticulture Mineral Oils (HMOs) – Benefits,...

Horticultural Mineral Oils have become popular as a way to control pest problems on fruit trees in Kashmir valley. HMOs are highly refined oils that are known by many names, including, spray oils, dormant oils, supreme oils, superior oils, or

Drip Irrigation: Future of sustainable farming

Irrigation plays a vital role in the success of high-density plantation systems and is one of the important aspects of orchard management. International Water Management Institute (IWMI) reports that around 50 per cent of the increase in demand for water

What is a rootstock? Its types & uses

Many a time, you’d have observed that many fruit trees planted by seed can take three to eight years to start producing fruits. That’s perhaps the long time. For this reason, there are various scientific innovations that have come into

AI-powered IoT startup redefining J&K’s horticulture ecosystem by building technologies for nextgen orchards.

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